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Dryer Repair Services


A well-functioning stove and oven are essential tools for any culinary enthusiast. However, when your stove or oven malfunctions, it can disrupt your cooking routine and leave you with limited meal preparation options. Whether your stove isn’t heating, the oven door won’t lock, or you encounter any other issue, our experts can diagnose and resolve the problem efficiently, allowing you to reclaim the heart of your kitchen.

Our technicians have the tools to troubleshoot and repair various dryer issues, ensuring your
laundry appliances work seamlessly again.

Common Dryer Problems

Common Dryer Issues Failure to Start

A non-responsive dryer could result from faulty switches, blown fuses, or electrical issues. Professional technicians can diagnose the problem accurately and safely resolve electrical malfunctions.

Insufficient Heating

If your dryer fails to generate enough heat, your clothes may not dry properly. This issue often stems from defective heating coils, faulty thermostats, or blocked venting systems. 

Unusual Noises

Peculiar sounds, such as rattling or grinding, may indicate problems with worn-out belts, idler pulleys, or rollers.In addition, repairs can extend the lifespan of your dryer.

Foul Odors

In addition to all of the other issues, a musty or burning smell on dried clothes can be caused by lint accumulation or a malfunctioning thermostat. Professional cleaning and repair can eliminate these odors and maintain the freshness of your laundry.

Electric Dryer Details Comprehensive Expertise

Our technicians can diagnose and fix many issues whether you own a modern smart appliance or a traditional model.

Brand Compatibility

We service popular electric dryer brands such as Samsung, Maytag, LG, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and GE, among others.

Maintenance Recommendations

Besides repairs, our technicians will offer maintenance tips to prevent future problems and ensure optimal performance.

Commonly Repaired Electric Dryer Parts:





Temperature switches


Choose Northstar Appliance Repair for swift and reliable dryer repair services. From fixing startup issues to restoring heating capabilities and addressing unusual noises, our certified technicians can resolve any problem with precision and professionalism. Whether you own a gas or electric dryer, our team is adept at delivering top-notch solutions to ensure your laundry experience remains seamless and hassle-free. Save on unnecessary expenses by opting for dryer repair, and trust our experts to keep your dryer running efficiently for years to come. Call Northstar Appliance Repair today for a dryer repair service that will leave you with fresh, perfectly dried laundry every time

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