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Discounted Refrigerators

Need a refrigerator at an affordable price? Northstar Appliance Repair can help! We have partnered with On Sale Appliances to offer our customers new affordable refrigerators at discounted prices. Yes! Discounted prices! We have all brands of dryers. In addition, did I mention discounted prices? Give us a call today at 561-856-2776 or you can come into our facility and have a look around. Buy online, over the phone, or pay in person we make it convenient for you. We also offer delivery. Our expert, well trained appliance technician will delivery and install your refrigerator. Last but not least we also offer 1-4 year warranties on your refrigerator.  Therefore, we have discounted refrigerators, warranties up to 4 years available, and we offer delivery. Don’t delay, give us a call today!

Discounted Refrigerators| Affordable Prices | Delivery Available |

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