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What To Do When A Burning Smell Is Coming From Your Dryer

A burning smell from your dryer can cause concern, as it may indicate potential hazards or malfunctioning components. However, it’s essential not to panic and take immediate action to address the issue. Burning smells in dryers can be caused by various factors, ranging from lint buildup to a failing thermostat, a bad drive belt, or even a damaged dryer motor. Safety should always be the top priority, so unplug the dryer and refrain from using it until the problem is resolved.

Troubleshooting a Burning Smell from Your Dryer

Unplug and Remove Clothes

When you notice a burning smell coming from your dryer, the first and most crucial step is to unplug the dryer immediately. This action helps prevent any potential fire hazard. Next, remove the clothes from the drum to eliminate any chances of them catching fire. With these precautionary measures, you can safely investigate the cause of dryer smells.

Check for Lint Buildup

Lint buildup is one of the most common causes of dryer burning smells and can pose a serious fire risk. To check for lint buildup, consult the manual for instructions on how to open the dryer. This typically involves removing the dryer housing’s top control bar, top panel, and front panel. Once you can access the interior, use a vacuum hose attachment to clean out as much lint as possible. Pay special attention to the motor and heating element while vacuuming. Additionally, clean the inside walls of the housing and the floor underneath the unit.

For thorough cleaning, it’s highly recommended to schedule professional dryer vent cleaning. This service ensures that all lint and debris are effectively removed, minimizing the risk of future dryer smells and improving the dryer’s overall efficiency.

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Inspect the Thermostat

The thermostat might fail if lint is not the apparent problem inside the dryer. Faulty thermostats can cause the dryer to become excessively hot, leading to a burning smell. While the dryer is unplugged, locate and remove the thermostat according to the manual. Use an ohmmeter to test the thermostat’s resistance. If the ohmmeter reading deviates from zero, the thermostat needs replacement.

Replacing a thermostat requires specific technical expertise, so it’s best to rely on the services of professionals. Skilled technicians can efficiently diagnose and replace faulty thermostats, ensuring safe and optimal dryer performance.

Check the Drive Belt

A rubber drive belt turns the drum in some dryers, especially older models. An old or misplaced drive belt can melt due to friction or contact with the heating element, leading to a burning smell. Locate the rubber drive belt inside the dryer and ensure it is snugly wrapped around the drum. Inspect the belt for signs of wear, drying, melting, or cracking. If it appears damaged, take the old belt to the store to ensure you purchase the correct replacement. 

Address a Damaged Dryer Motor

If your dryer motor is aging and going bad, it can emit burning smells and excessive noise. A qualified technician should always replace a faulty motor. Attempting to replace the motor yourself may result in improper installation or further damage to the dryer.

Experiencing a burning smell from your dryer should not be taken lightly, as it can indicate potential fire hazards or malfunctioning components. By following the troubleshooting guide, you can identify and resolve the cause of the burning smell. Remember to prioritize safety by unplugging the dryer and avoiding its use until the problem is resolved.

Our technicians are well-equipped to diagnose and address any issues with your dryer or other household appliances. We offer flexible appointments, transparent pricing, and top-notch service to ensure your appliances operate at their best. Don’t wait for the problem to escalate; schedule a service with Northstar Appliance today and enjoy peace of mind with safe and efficient appliances. Let us help you keep your home safe and functional.

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